Guided Crystal Energy Session
Guided Crystal Energy Session
Guided Crystal Energy Session
Guided Crystal Energy Session
Guided Crystal Energy Session

Guided Crystal Energy Session

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What is a Crystal Energy Healing Session? Great I'm glad you asked. A Crystal Energy Healing Session is where, as a Guide, it is my role to provide a safe, loving and supportive space that allows you to replenish and heal while applying crystals and utilizing their energy in the process.

The healing effects of crystal therapy:

  • Promotes the body's self healing abilities
  • Can support the balance of emotional energy
  • Crystals hold space to experience mental clarity
  • Increases mental and emotional awareness
  • Encourages the development of creativity
  • Unlocks intuition
  • Amplifies energy if there is a lack
  • Encourages relaxation-if there is too much energy or hyperactivity
  • Holds space for emotional release
  • Works on the energetic level to heal dis-ease

We know vibration and frequency even when we're not even being conscious about it. Even when we're not intentionally being intuitive, we can experience the natural fluctuations of energy around us. We are energetic barometers reading energy around us, like for instance, when we walk into a room full of people and can pick up on good or bad vibes right away. It's in our nature to receive information on a vibrational level.

Not only are we receiving and experiencing energy - we are expressing it at all times. Human beings are expressive and we experience a range of emotions. When we experience different feelings our vibration fluctuates. It's important to learn how to vibrate higher but also to cultivate tools that help us retune our energy when we are hitting a vibrational low.

This is where crystal therapy can help us retune our vibration and help to be more balanced within our bodies, as a tool, to aid in the healing process. Crystals hold space for us to heal, destress and to raise our vibration. They are a great tool to realign our bodies into a more natural state where our bodies can start to do the work they were meant to do. Once stress or other worries are out of the way the body can get to work on what's needed within the body.

In the very first visit or consultation I will ask you a series of questions to help assess where you need the most help to get started in the crystal therapy and to help guide in which crystals you need the most. Then we will get situated to apply the best possible crystal's that will help you on your healing journey.

The first session usually takes up to an hour and a half to make sure that you are well taken care of and feel comfortable with the process. (The first session will cost $120.00 and comes with a medicine bag and a crystal you can take home with you.) Any other sessions after the first one will take about 45 minutes or so because we won't need to do the initial consultation like the first session but your comfort is still a high priority. (Additional session's will be $80.00)

Additional sessions will also be completely up to you on whether or not you want to keep going. Sometimes, depending on stress levels, it could take up to 4 consecutive sessions to help realign your vibrational energy levels. Or you may decide that you just want a tune up from time to time and that is ok too. Once you have completed the first consultation session with me, whether you choose to set up more appointment's at that time or not, sessions will be $80.00 thereafter.

Crystals are great tools and have such amazing benefits from their energy to help us on our journey through life. Give a Crystal Energy Session a try and see how it can help you on your journey!!




Rita Butcher is a Kyle Grey certified Crystal Energy Guide.