Himalayan Salt Products/lamps

Himalayan salt products are a great way to add an earth element to any room in your house or office.

They offer a great way to decorate a space, revitalize a room & rejuvenate the energy.

They work well for night lights, decor, clearing the air, and may providing a piece of comfort and tranquility.

All the Himalayan salt products we offer are made from 100% Himalayan salt and you can be rest assured you are buying high-quality hand-crafted products.

They may work well for spiritual growth practices, in which, they may help with grounding, protection, and neutralizing negative energies. Meditating with the Himalayan pink salt may help to keep you grounded and protected while in a meditative state.  The warmth and the ambient glow from the Himalayan pink salt lamps may help keep you focused on the intention of love from mother earth.

 Now we do not claim anything specific with the Himalayan salt lamps or products but in our own use of them, are opinion is very optimistic. It all depends on your own personal experience and how the experience affects you.

How do they work? Well, I am glad you asked. It is said they ionize the air by releasing negative ions into the air through the process of evaporation.  When the salt is heated up by the bulb it draws in the moisture from the air and then the salt evaporates into the air. In high humidity you will actually see this process and notice the lamp sweating. Don't worry it's a natural reaction that is taking place but would recommend placing a plate under the lamp and turning it off until humidity is lower.


When I first experienced this, I panicked and threw them out, lol little did I know, at that time, it was ok. I've learned since then how to take care of the lamps and how to properly care for them. So, needless to say don't throw them away. 


The ionization that is occurring is like the ocean when it evaporates into the air and creates a soothing atmosphere, we all have come to love. Well, for most of us anyway. Naturally ionizing the circulating air in your space that you keep them in. It may help with increasing a more positive mood or a feeling of well-being. 


The Himalayan salt products or lamps, at the very least, may help to create a relaxing ambiance to help decrease stress levels. We love our Himalayan salt lamps and products, and we hope you will love them too.


Yours truly,





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